Avoid Discomfort by Visiting Us for a Non-Surgical Root Canal

Dec 01, 2018

If you are suffering with a tooth infected, a non-surgical root canal can alleviate pain and restore your oral health. It is very important to get tooth pain treated immediately. Many patients experiencing a toothache wind up having an inner pulp infection. This is the center of a tooth that houses all the blood vessels and nerves. The root runs through the dental pulp.

Although root canal treatment has gotten a bad reputation, the procedure is designed to relieve discomfort, not cause it. It isn’t the root canal that causes pain, but the tooth infection itself. In the past, treatment methods were much different than they are now. Modern non-surgical root canals are simpler procedures with less discomfort.

Why We Perform a Non-Surgical Root Canal

Root canal therapy is intended to completely remove the infected pulp. To do so, a hole must be made in the tooth, so the infected area can be extracted.

Benefits of a Non-Surgical Root Canal

When you visit Back Bay Family Dentistry for a non-surgical root canal in D’Iberville, MS, the pain-causing infection can be eliminated in a minimally invasive way. Without surgery, there is no need for heavy sedation, and you won’t have to wait for the anesthesia to wear off. It also means you will experience a faster recovery.

Schedule an Appointment and Improve Your Oral Health

The professional team at Back Bay Family Dentistry want you to have a healthy mouth. For that reason, we are diligent about fighting infection and decay. If you visit our D’Iberville dental office every six months we will be able to identify budding issues and safeguard your oral health. Since the need for a non-surgical root canal often stems from untreated decay, we repair tooth damage before it spreads to the pulp. Preventative dentistry is the best way to maintain your good oral health.

If you would like to learn more about our non-surgical root canals, please contact our office at Back Bay Family Dentistry. Our staff would be happy to assist you with any questions that you might have. Ready to schedule a visit? Book your appointment online today!