Cosmetic Issues Fixed with Dental Bonding

Apr 21, 2018

Are there things about your smile you wish you could change? While dental veneers are common for restoring a smile, some consider it too invasive of a treatment. Dental bonding is a very popular and versatile treatment that can help with many of the same issues as veneers but in a less invasive manner.

What is Dental Bonding?

Using a composite resin like the material used for tooth fillings, your dentist can use dental bonding to repair chips and fractures to a tooth. It is a pliable material, making it very easy to manipulate and use. For areas with chips or wear, dental bonding can fill in the gaps and prevent future damage. The material used can be made to match any shade of tooth color to make it blend easier.

What is Dental Contouring?

Bonding is used to add structure and repair small areas of missing tooth, but dental contouring does the opposite. By removing small portions of enamel, your dentist can shape your tooth in a more desirable fashion or even smooth jagged edges and reshape asymmetrical teeth.

Tooth Colored Fillings

The days of having ugly metal fillings in our mouth that fall out easily are finally over! Composite resin is a dentist’s dream. It allows them to restore a tooth while still maintaining a natural look and to give it an appealing appearance. Composite resin allows your dentist to maintain more of your tooth’s natural structure since it requires less enamel to be removed while being placed. It is durable, strong, and should last for years to come.

When using dental contouring and dental bonding in conjunction, your dentist is able to give you a smooth, beautiful and natural looking smile. With proper oral hygiene, bonding can last for years and can also be replaced with veneers later on if necessary.