Dental Advice for Over 60’s

Jun 16, 2019

While good dental habits are encouraged throughout your life, it becomes much more important after your 60s. This is mainly due to like other organs, and parts of your body become weaker and degenerate with age.

Here are some dental advice for seniors over 60s

Maintaining your teeth and gums as you get older

Prevention is better than cure, and this is true in your old age as well. This means that you need to follow good dental hygiene and practices even past your 60s. This includes brushing at least twice a day, regular flossing and scheduling regular dental appointments with your dentist for dental check-ups and professional cleaning.

While elders might struggle to maintain good oral and dental hygiene practices due to poor eyesight, using a magnifying mirror, bright lights and soft toothbrushes might be helpful.

Dealing with gum recession

As you grow older, your gums tend to recede and can lead to multiple issues such as infection, sensitivity and even tooth loss. It can also lead to periodontal disease. However, gum disease can be prevented and halted with proper dental care and practicing good oral health practices. This also helps in reducing the chances of dental decay and other dental and oral health issues.

Delayed healing

As you grow older, your body can require more time to heal compared to when you were younger. The reduce saliva production, dry mouth, etc. can lead to infection and display in the healing of infection.

Denture care

Like your teeth, your denture also needs proper cleaning and care as your dentures are directly placed in your mouth. You need to keep your dentures clean and hygienic for preventing infection.

Loose or uncomfortable dentures

Getting used to your new dentures can take time. Many new denture users experience from looseness or discomfort while wearing dentures. Some can also experience soreness in the gum.

Also, the fitment of your existing denture can experience a difference due to the shrinking of your mouth and gum with age. Consulting your dentist can help you to eat and speak while wearing your dentures.

To know more about taking care of your dental needs in your 60s, schedule a consultation with Bay Back Family Dentistry.