Dental Crowns Are Suitable In a Variety of Situations

Dec 01, 2019
Placements that are cemented to partially or completely cover the visible portion of a tooth is known as a dental crown. Porcelain veneers are also known as partial crowns that only cover the front and the biting edge of the teeth. Dental crowns will be suitable for you if you are victimized by various situations that will require your teeth to be restored with a crown. You can consider the situations mentioned in this article and also have a consultation with a dentist to understand whether dental crowns will be a suitable option for your mouth.

People can suffer from different types of problems which they consider as disastrous for themselves. Some of them have been mentioned for you to understand whether you can find a remedy for your problem with crowns. Let us look at some of the problems that dental crowns can rectify.

Large Fillings

If you have a cavity of fracture that is covering half the width of the tooth you will benefit from this option. The remaining portion of the tooth around the large filling would have been rendered weak leaving it prone to fractures. At times, large fillings in your mouth may need to be replaced with a crown because the tooth would be showing signs of stress and cracks around the filling.

Root Canal

If you have undergone treatment for a root canal your tooth would have been hollowed out leaving it prone to cracking. Therefore, the tooth needs to be protected with a crown for preventing fractures.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

If you have fractures within the tooth causing pain when you chew food in a certain way it is a condition known as the cracked tooth syndrome. Chewing can produce stress on the fracture lines making it feel that the tooth is splitting apart. It can be held together by a crown by redistributing the stress equally throughout the tooth and eliminate the pain in most cases. In such situations, you can have a temporary crown for a while until the pain subsides after which you can consult a dentist to understand whether the tooth requires a root canal.

Broken Cusps

Trauma or large fillings on the teeth can cause cusps to break off frequently. As they are the part of the tooth that absorbs the most stress when chewing, covering them will be beneficial if the tooth or the fillings are fracturing frequently. On occasions, the tooth can break down to the bone making it necessary to have a crown lengthening procedure. This procedure requires the trimming down of the bone and gums below the edge of the fractured portion of the tooth to ensure the margin of the crown can be placed on a strong and healthy tooth structure.

Excessive Wear Of the Teeth

The teeth tend to become shorter if you have a habit of grinding and clenching them. Acid erosion can also make the teeth wear away. The enamel can also wear away leaving the teeth soft and small. This can lead to collapsing of the bite which can only be restored by covering the structure with crowns.

If you have any of the mentioned conditions or even believe your teeth have an undesirable appearance because of color, shape, and gaps between the teeth it will be beneficial for you to research for dental crowns near me because your problems can be rectified with natural-looking dental crowns.

Dentists offering dental crowns in D’lberville, MS can also place them on dental implants to restore spaces caused by missing teeth. If you have loose teeth in your mouth the crowns can be placed on multiple teeth to be splinted together for additional stability. If you are unable to find any professional offering dental crowns near you should be contacting dental crowns at D’lberville, MS as they are the experts in this field and can rectify any situation in your mouth with dental crowns.

The situations described above are affecting many people that are regularly searching for options to improve their appearance. Problems with your teeth will not only affect your oral health but also your overall health. Under the circumstances, it would be better for you to correct the situation in your mouth by contacting the dentist offering dental crowns in D’Lberville, MS for a solution that will improve your appearance as well as your overall health immensely.