Know Your Health by Your Teeth

May 01, 2019
Research has shown that taking care of your teeth can help in saving your life. Your dental health is a reflection of your overall health. It acts as a caution against major diseases which means you can take your first step towards saving your life. The bacteria present in teeth and unhealthy gums can cause platelets in the blood to form clots which in extreme cases could result in a heart attack or stroke. Here’s a Look at Some Signs That Signify Some Health Disease: 1. Pale teeth and bleeding gums: Though most people ignore pale looking teeth and some even ignore bleeding gums, these are an indication of greater health problems. This can be an indicator of blood disorders. The best way to deal with pale teeth and bleeding gums is to floss and brush your teeth twice a day. 2. Frozen jaw: In simple terms, a frozen jaw is the condition where your jaw gets stuck while you are eating, talking, or doing anything else. Sometimes, this can cause bone loss in the lower jaw. The bone loss can be an indicator of skeletal osteoporosis. Some basic exercises of the jaw can help in dealing with a frozen jaw. A frozen jaw can also occur because of a small jaw in which cause you can go for an extraction and reconstructing treatment for the teeth. 3. Inflammation in the mouth: This is less of an indicator and more of a direct symptom of any type of digestive or intestinal disease. Inflammation in the mouth secretes some enzymes which corrode the food we eat and cause stomach disorders. Sometimes, it can also be coupled with fever. You must visit a dentist when this occurs and they might prescribe over the counter creams or tablets. 4. Other diseases: There are certain diseases which can cause severe oral health issues. Diabetes and cancer can deteriorate oral conditions and cause severe gum problems along with degradation of the overall health of teeth and mouth. Another such disease is AIDS, which can cause bad oral health and infections.