Recovery Following A Tooth Extraction

Apr 01, 2019

In dentistry, the main aim of any dentist is to protect the teeth from extraction as long as possible but when the damage is beyond repair, the extraction may turn out to be the best solution. Extraction is not painful as you are under anaesthetic but you need to take care of the area once the tooth is extracted.

Taking care after your dental visit

Post-extraction care

It is common to experience a little discomfort post extraction but that should subside within few days. You must take the medication prescribed by dentist in 39540 and follow the below mentioned precautions:


Smoking is never good for your dental health and it creates the risk of gum diseases. If you are a smoker, you must at least stay away from smoking for 24 hours or more post tooth extraction. Smoking restricts the blood flow in the area of procedure and slows down the healing.

Don’t poke the area

You may feel like touching the socket post extraction out of curiosity but this may dislodge the blood clot which has formed and lead to further bleeding. If at all this happens, you must use the extra gauze given by dentist near D’iberville MS 39540.

Use lightly salted water

You must make a solution of warm salted water and use it for cleaning the infection. You need to just tip this around your mouth and not squish vigorously as it may dislodge the blood clot. This can be done for first few days post the extraction.

Continue brushing

Just because you have got your tooth extracted does not mean you stop brushing or flossing your teeth. You need to brush your teeth daily twice; however just be careful not to touch the site of extraction with brush or floss. This will help in keeping your mouth away from bacterial attack.

It is very rare to experience any problem post tooth extraction. Even if you do, the dentist in MS is always there at your rescue to look after the site and suggest right tips.