Selecting the Suitable Material for Dental Fillings

Aug 02, 2021

Cavities resulting from tooth decay cause permanent damage, and dentists must use various materials to fill cavities. The materials available with dental fillings near you are silver amalgam, gold, composite, ceramic, and glass ionomer.


Each of the filling materials mentioned above is suitable for filling cavities in the teeth. However, some types of fillings are better suited for specific conditions. Your dentist is the optimal professional to help you determine the material best suited for your needs after considering your budget and your current dental health.


Can You Overlook Dental Fillings If You Have Cavities?


If during a routine visit for dental exams and cleanings at the dental office in Auburn, the dentist discovers cavities on your teeth, dental fillings are the only treatment available for them. While you can overlook the dentist’s recommendations to have your teeth filled, it helps to understand you are doing so at your peril.


Cavities don’t heal by themselves unless they are treated with dental fillings. On the contrary, they continue creating more damage within your tooth, making you susceptible to receive extensive treatments like root canal therapy or even extraction of the tooth. If you prefer undergoing painful and expensive procedures, you can undoubtedly overlook the need to get dental fillings. The choices before you are limited. You can either have the inexpensive fillings or wait until your tooth deteriorates further, bringing upon you the need to undergo costly procedures.


What Are Your Choices When Having Dental Fillings?


When trying to decide which filling material is appropriate for you factoring the location of the cavity in your mouth, the severity of tooth decay, dental fillings cost, and your insurance coverage is necessary. If you want details about various dental filling materials, please continue reading for information:


Gold Fillings


Gold Fillings are incredibly durable, non-corrosive, and can last for 15 years or more with proper dental care. However, they are expensive compared to silver amalgam fillings and require a couple of appointments with your dentist to have them fitted appropriately.


Silver Amalgam Fillings


Silver amalgam fillings are also sturdy and durable but are not aesthetically pleasing, as many people confirm. In addition, they are likely to expand and contract, causing a tooth to crack than some other types of fillings. Finally, many people are concerned about the long-term safety of silver amalgam fillings as they contain mercury, a neurotoxin.


Composite Fillings


Composite fillings are attractive and durable while being aesthetically pleasing. Composite fillings can be matched the color of your teeth. However, they are more expensive than silver amalgam fillings and lack their durability.


Ceramic Fillings


Porcelain helps make ceramic fillings making them an incredibly aesthetic option with the durability needed. Unfortunately, these fillings are also expensive than silver amalgam and can wear the opposing teeth when the porcelain becomes rough.


Glass Ionomer Fillings


These are also identified as acrylic fillings and often last fall below five years. Glass ionomer fillings are an excellent choice for children with developing teeth. They release fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.


Can You Choose Dental Filling Materials Yourself?


If recommended dental fillings, the optimal option is to discuss the filling material with the dentist in Auburn. You undoubtedly can choose your favorite filling material without advice from the dentist. However, you will likely commit errors and choose a filling material inappropriate for the cavity in your mouth or even your aesthetic appearance.


If you have a cavity on the front teeth, it doesn’t make sense for you to consider having gold fillings or silver amalgam because they severely impact your appearance. The filling material will repair the tooth and remain in your mouth for quite some time. However, you may have an appearance like an old-time movie gangster displaying gold or silver in your front teeth. Therefore it makes sense for you to accept the advice of Dr. Jeremy W. Parker to have tooth-colored composite or ceramic fillings that don’t impact your appearance.


Similarly, don’t select tooth-colored fillings for your molars where the biting pressures are the highest. Composite fillings require replacements every five to seven years, and the costs of ceramic fillings might deter you from having them.


The best option for you is to adhere to the advice of your dentist, who is fully aware of which type of dental filling is suitable for the cavity in your mouth. Doing so allows you to restore your tooth with the appropriate filling material without the concerns of replacing them frequently.