What To Expect At Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Nov 01, 2019
The health of a child matters a lot to parents. In the early stages of childhood, a small infection can quickly deteriorate the health of a child. It is why regular visits to a pediatric clinic matter in the first few years of raising a child. When it comes to health, oral care cannot be overlooked. The state of your child’s teeth, gums, bone structure, jaw, and mouth should concern you at every stage of growth. As your child adapts to different diets, oral health increases in importance.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Your regular dentist in Diberville MS cannot handle the oral issues of your child. Children have different dental needs from adults. It is why pediatric dentists are professionally trained and qualified to offer oral care to children as early as infancy all through to teenagehood.
Pediatric Dentistry at Diberville is concerned with the different stages of teeth development for kids. Within the first 12 months of a child, they develop their baby teeth. That should last them to around 5years. Between 6 and 10 years, a new set of teeth for your child should start kicking in. A kids’ dentistry is the best place for you to keep tabs on the different stages and avoid any mishaps in the processes.

What Types of Treatments Do Pediatric Dentists Provide?

If you are still unsure of why you need to reach out to a dentist for children, here are some convincing reasons:

1. For dental exams Dental examinations by a dentist help maintain a healthy mouth. Children are not thorough or intentional in taking care of their dental health. In the same way, parents cannot always be there to guide their kids through oral health practices. However, a children’s dentist is equipped properly for such tasks. A dental exam can help identify the flaws in your child’s dental formula to correct them early in advance.

2. For oral health and hygiene practices A pediatric dentist is best placed to teach your child how to keep up with their oral hygiene. This includes how to floss, and brush teeth.

3. To fix dental problems A child is more prone to dental problems than an adult. The reason is that they are not usually careful with how they treat their teeth. Issues like cracked and chipped teeth, crowded teeth, misalignment, tooth decay, and cavities, to mention a few. Their love for candy and sugary foods does not do much for their oral health. Luckily, many dental treatments can fix the dental problems that your child may have. This includes dental crowns, braces, dental sealants, porcelain veneers, to mention a few.

4. Nutrition and diet recommendations A pediatric dentist can go a long way in recommending the best foods to get your child’s oral health and overall health in check. The nutrition and diet recommendation can also help you prevent dental issues like teeth discoloration, decaying and cavities.

5. Habit counseling Kids easily form habits. Some of the habits can be hard to break, especially if they carry them along to teenagehood. Such habits include thumb sucking, pacifier use, teeth grinding and clenching, among others. A dentist can help break some of those habits through habit counseling.

6. Care for dental injuries With kids, dental injuries happen almost all the time. Their hyperactivity outdoors is the ideal place for them to get a tooth knocked out, chipped or broken. You must also account for the instances where kids bite into hard things like woods, bottle tops, cans, among other items. Any bleeding, fractures, pain and missing teeth are all dental emergencies that a pediatric dentist is more than capable of handling.

Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentistry exists for a reason. Other than the ability to handle all the dental issues and concerns mentioned above, a pediatric dentist can do more. They are medically trained professionals that have specialized in kids’ oral health. The best part about a pediatric dentist is that they have the skills and attitudes to deal with kids:
  • 1. Children-friendly environment – kids have anxiety issues when it comes to visiting any kind of doctor. The environment of a pediatric dentist is fashioned to keep kids comfortable. This includes the colors of the clinic, the distractions available, e.g. toys and T.V., to mention a few.

  • 2. Friendly attitudes – pediatric dentists are very friendly to kids. They are also fun and can make children enjoy dental treatment. They are relatable to children.