Who Needs Root Canal Treatment?

Aug 01, 2022

The innermost part of a tooth, known as the dental pulp, can become infected. Infection may set in the tooth roots due to deep tooth decay, a crack in the tooth, or dental trauma. When you have an infected dental pulp, the dentist near you will recommend root canal treatment. It involves removing the infected or inflamed tissue from inside a tooth.

Root canal treatment in Diberville is beneficial since it saves an infected tooth. It also helps maintain the natural structure and pleasing appearance of a tooth. In addition, the endodontic treatment keeps the rest of the teeth in the mouth from excessive strain. This may occur if you can only chew or bite using one side of the mouth.

In addition, the treatment helps to maintain the function of teeth. You can eat effectively without discomfort after the treatment. Finally, root canal treatment prevents the infection from spreading and forming dental abscesses. These are very painful and compromise the tooth’s strength, function, and health. Abscesses need prompt treatment from an emergency dentist in Diberville.

Symptoms That Indicate You Need Root Canal Treatment

Symptoms indicating an infected dental pulp that needs root canal treatment in Diberville are:
  • Persistent tooth pain that may be referred deep in the jawbone, face, or other teeth
  • Sensitivity when the affected tooth is exposed to extreme temperatures
  • Tooth discoloration due to the damage to the tissues that nourish the tooth
  • Swollen gums are caused by acidic waste products from the dead dental pulp tissues
  • A tooth chipped or cracked near the tooth roots
  • Extreme pain whenever you touch the tooth, bite down or eat
  • The tooth becomes loose

The Root Canal Process

  1. The process begins when you schedule an appointment with a dentist near you. This dentist will examine the tooth to determine if root canal therapy will treat it effectively. X-ray images of the tooth will be taken to help the dentist visualize the infected pulp chamber.
  2. Next, the dentist will administer an anesthetic to numb your mouth. They are for pain prevention. A sedative will be used to help you relax if you suffer from dental anxiety. The dentist in Diberville recommends administering both for a comfortable treatment experience.
  3. A small protective sheet known as a dental dam will be placed over the tooth to be treated. It isolates the tooth to prevent the infection-causing bacteria from spreading.
  4. The dentist will drill into the tooth crown using special instruments to access the tooth pulp chamber. This expert will eliminate the inflamed or infected dental pulp. Alternatively, they may remove all the soft tissue in the pulp to prevent re-infection. Next, they ensure no bacteria remain in the tooth roots by thoroughly cleaning the area.
  5. The following step involves filling the tooth canal using gutta-percha, a biocompatible material. The dentist uses adhesive dental cement to ensure the tooth is sealed and prevent future infections.
  6. Next, the dentist takes three-dimensional images of the treated tooth. They enable the fabrication of a dental crown. A temporary filling will be placed at the tooth’s access hole to keep away bacteria and strengthen the tooth. Images of the tooth will be transferred to the dental lab to create a dental crown.
  7. Your dentist will send you home with a prescription for antibiotics and pain killers. They will also instruct you on caring for the tooth to promote healing and keep it from damage.
  8. The dental expert will contact you when the customized dental crown is ready for placement. They will take the temporary filling and put the crown over the tooth. It will help restore and protect the tooth.

 Root Canal Treatment for Kids

Children’s teeth can also have infected root canals. As a result, they may experience dental pain, sensitivity, and difficulty chewing. When you visit a pediatric dentist near you, they will perform root canal treatment for kids. It is known as a Pulpotomy. The therapy will ease the discomfort, save the tooth and extend its life.

Contact us at Back Bay Family Dentistry for root canal treatment for adults and kids. Our dental expert, Dr. Jeremy W. Parker, is highly experienced in providing root canal therapy. We have state-of-the-art facilities and modern equipment to ensure comfortable, effective treatment.