Why Are People Considering Getting Dentures?

Feb 01, 2020

It was earlier believed that getting dentures was an inevitable part of aging. Many people did not expect to celebrate their senior years with a full set of natural teeth. Thankfully things have changed dramatically and people no longer assume they need to have dentures by the time they retire.

Despite the changes that have been observed nearly 30 million Americans are wearing dentures for many reasons. It is evident that good oral hygiene, regular dental checkups, and proper dietary habits can lead to a lifetime of natural smiles. Unfortunately, many people are unable to afford preventive dental care regularly and numerous numbers do not have access to a dentist during their childhood leading to dental problems plaguing them. Health conditions such as diabetes can also contribute to the problem of tooth loss. This problem can occur even when people are involved in contact sports or accidents which can weaken teeth.

Many people are opting for dentures treatment because they have no teeth left in the mouth. Moreover, dentists offering dentures treatment will initially extract any damaged or extremely weak teeth before replacing them with dentures. People can choose to get upper and lower dentures after considering the number of healthy teeth left in your mouth.

Are People Comfortable with Dentures?

Fear exists among people that the dentures will appear fake, will not allow them to have certain foods, and will also affect their speech. It is natural for the first time dentures users to be fearful of the appliances. However, if people search for a skilled dentist they can rest assured they wouldn’t have to worry because modern-day appliances look amazingly natural and function like natural teeth. However, people need to consider different types of dentures and choose the right appliance to avoid problems later.

Types Of Dentures

Basically, there are two types of full dentures people can choose from. They are fixed and removable.

Removable full dentures hold their place in the mouth by suction or adhesive or a combination of the two. Wearers can remove them a couple of times every day for cleaning and do not sleep with their dentures during the nights.

Removable full dentures are the most affordable tooth replacement options but wearers can expect some recurring costs for fitting and adjustments that would have been necessitated by the structural changes in our mouth. Many people may need to have the dentures adjusted during the first year and after 3 to 5 years thereafter. However, the situations depend on the dental condition of the individual, age, and other issues which may require fewer or frequent adjustments of the dentures.

Some people only have a few missing teeth in the mouth and look for an affordable option to replace them. They are choosing partial dentures to just replace the missing teeth after consulting their dentist. Regardless of the option chosen the need for refitting and adjustments remain and people must be prepared for the same.

Affordable Options Always Come with Certain Drawbacks

Dentists are generally charging around $ 1600 for a permanent full denture depending on the location. People that are looking for upper and lower dentures will be required to pay around $ 3000. These are prices of reputed dentists that are offering quality products. However, it is not difficult for people to find lower prices being offered for inexpensive dentures. People must understand that the appliances are being offered with low-quality materials and in most cases will not fit well and feel nothing like natural teeth.

How to Get Good Quality Dentures?

People that want partial dentures or full dentures are suggested to contact the dentist in D’lberville, MS, if they are looking for quality appliances that will remain with them for quite some time. The prices offered by this dentist are in line with the market and the quality is above average. Dr. Jeremy W Parker from Back Bay Family Dentistry will examine the mouth of the patient, take x-rays, and extract any teeth that need to be removed before developing a custom fit appliance for the patient. People visiting this clinic will be happy because they would be dealing with one of the leading providers of dentures that will give them the ability to smile again without being fearful of the dentures popping out of their mouths.