Why it’s Important to Wear a Mouth Guard

Aug 07, 2017

Custom mouth guards are dental orthotics that protect your teeth and mouth from injury they can be used as a shield during contact sports.

With a new academic year soon approaching, you are probably chipping away at your back-to-school checklist. If your children participate in any after-school contact sports, including but not limited to the following list, they are at risk for mouth, dental and facial injuries:

  • Basketball
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Field and ice hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling

Make sure to include a custom-made mouth guard to that list of essential school supplies to help keep kids safe.  The best mouth guards are constructed of flexible plastic that fits inside the mouth comfortably.

Dental Guards for Sports

Mouth guards are a necessary piece of athletic equipment for kids, teens, and adults who participate in high-risk team sports like football, hockey, and other physical activities. Athletes should wear a dental guard during games and practices to prevent serious damage to the teeth, lips, gums, and face. Common injuries include cracked, broken or knocked out teeth, and tissue damage.

Choosing the Best Mouth Guard

To get the most benefit, you must wear a dental guard that fits your mouth properly. The right fit means you are getting the best possible protection against injury. There are several types of over-the-counter mouth protectors you can buy without seeing your dentist, but none will offer a custom fit. The best option is to purchase a well-made individualized mouth guard crafted just for you from your dentist. It will fit correctly without discomfort, so you or your child will want to wear it.

If you schedule a back-to-school dentist visit, let the office know that you or your child needs to be fit for a sports guard during the same appointment. That way you can allow extra time for them to take a mouth impression. If you get your child in for a cleaning and exam at least a couple of weeks before school starts, your son or daughter should have the mouth guard in time to start playing safely.