Implant Supported Dentures in D’Iberville, MS

Implant Supported Dentures in D’Iberville, MS

If you have several missing teeth, you may be considering the different ways to restore your smile. At Back Bay Family Dentistry, we offer a variety of services to keep your teeth and gums looking and feeling great! Unlike conventional dentures that rest on top of your gums, implant supported dentures are anchored to your jawbone so they will not slip. Implant supported dentures are designed to look, feel, and act like natural teeth and are the closet thing you can get to natural, healthy teeth.

What are Implant Supported Dentures?

At Back Bay Family Dentistry, Dr. Parker works hand-in-hand with specialized dental implant surgeons to offer implant supported dentures. Implant supported dentures are a permanent restoration of the edentulous arch. This permanent restoration is supported by and attached to dental implants in the jaw that extend outward from the gums. At Back Bay Family Dentistry, we restore two types of implant-supported dentures: Overdentures and Fixed Dentures.

What is an Overdenture (“Snap-on”)?

An overdenture is a custom denture that looks and feels like a traditional removable denture however it attaches or “snaps on” to dental implants. The dental implant attachments provide additional stability for the denture to prevent rocking, shifting and rubbing. Overdentures are removable, but they provide improved function and retention when compared to conventional dentures, which may become unstable over time or require refitting. The Overdenture is great for patients seeking a stable denture option or those who may not be a candidate for the fixed denture.

What is a Fixed Denture (“Hybrid”)?

As the name implies, a fixed denture consists of a custom prosthetic denture that is permanently fixed onto dental implants. This fixed denture, or “hybrid” implant denture, is permanently fixed in one place, which means the restoration does not come in and out but it can be removed by a dentist. A hybrid prosthetic denture is customized to each patient which allows for the design to follow the shape of the facial bones and bite. Thus, facial profile is supported, forbidden foods are no longer off limits and speech is not affected. The hybrid functions like natural teeth and is the best option for full arch replacement.