Root Canals in D’Iberville, MS

Root Canals in D’Iberville, MS

Do you suffer from frequent pain and discomfort due to a damaged tooth? The dentists at Back Bay Family Dentistry may be able to help with a non-surgical root canal. Teeth contain blood vessels and nerve tissue inside, and when your tooth becomes damaged and inflamed in these areas, pain may be experienced. Once a non-surgical root canal has been performed, other treatment options such as onlays and crowns may be discussed.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is an extremely common dental procedure, with over 14 million performed each year. Your tooth contains a pulp, which is a collection of blood vessels and other material within the tooth. When trauma and damage occurs, it can cause an infection and inflammation of the pulp. A root canal removes the damage, infection, and pain, allowing your mouth to function normally without putting you through discomfort. Symptoms you may experience if you are in need of a non-surgical root canal may include:

  • Visible injury and/or swelling
  • Sensitivity to hot/cold
  • Sensitivity to sugary/acidic foods
  • Pain/swelling in gums
  • Discoloration

How Can I Get a Root Canal?

If you are in pain and think you may need a root canal, first contact our team at Back Bay Family Dentistry about scheduling an appointment with Dr. Parker. We will examine your oral health and perform any diagnostic tests necessary. Once that is complete, we can discuss your situation and specific treatment options. Treatment may be able to be started that same day. You typically will receive local anesthesia, in addition to nitrous oxide upon request, to reduce anxiety and any pain. Your dentist will then remove the injured pulp and root canal system, thoroughly cleaning and sealing it. In some cases, we may place a crown over the area to protect the tooth from further damage. You should be able to continue about your normal day after the procedure.

Stop living life in pain; contact Back Bay Family Dentistry in Biloxi today and schedule your appointment for your non-surgical root canal. Our team is always happy to help!