3 Reasons Why Your New Dentist Needs Your Treatment Records

Mar 26, 2019

A good dentist or doctor has the basic characteristic of maintaining the records for each and every patient. This is not just limited to the number of visits but also includes x-rays, problems you have faced, prescriptions they gave you and so on. This helps you to maintain a record of your health and transfer the data when you need to switch your doctor for any reason. That is why Back Bay Family Dentistry is famous amongst its patients. Following you will find reasons as to why your new dentist needs your previous treatment records-

Your individual dental history

When you change your dentist it becomes important to have your dental history records so that the new dentist doesn’t need to start back from the scratch too. The dentist can treat you in a better way than you think of. Following you will find reasons for the same

  • Every patient is unique because they have different problems or require a different technique to deal it with than others. Hence, the treatment differs according to this too
  • When doctors know your past problems and treatments, they are in a better position to suggest you the next treatment according to your requirements

Time and money

This is a very important factor for you too. You need to share your past records because you have already spend a lot of time as well as money on previous treatments. It would be a waste of resources if you undergo the same procedures again for the new dentist to know your situation. Dentists need to know your past records and if you don’t have those reports then you will have to spend money again on getting the same reports. Information mention in the previous records could be:

  • If you had an x-ray or another kind of diagnostic test
  • What treatment your previous dentist has already performed and what upcoming treatments he/she suggested you for the next time you visit
  • Your overall oral condition

Coordinating dental care with your general health

Teeth are also part of the body and it is where we intake the food from and thus, start the digestion process. Some oral problems can affect your overall health too. Previous data helps you in the following the ways

  • If your health is affected because of some defect in your oral health, the previous data can help you explain the reasons for the same
  • It also makes sure that you are getting appropriate treatment

It is very important for the doctor, as well as for the patient, to have the complete data about the issues because it helps in avoiding many problems. Choose your clinic properly like Back Bay Family Dentistry so that you do not face any other problems in the future.