Dental Emergencies Call ASAP To Preserve Your Smile
  • Same-day appointments often available
  • Relax with your choice of sedation options
  • Rely on our dentists’ years of experience

Get Fast, Expert Help for Your D’Iberville Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency usually strikes at the worst time. That’s why it’s a good idea to have the name of a trusted dental practice on hand when you need it most. In our area, that practice is Back Bay Family Dentistry. We have many years of experience and can handle a variety of D’Iberville dental emergencies. You’ll benefit from:

  • Dentists with years of experience handling emergencies
  • Wide variety of restorative treatments to repair your smile
  • Two forms of soothing sedation, if needed
  • Private care rooms and special touches like blankets so you feel relaxed

If you’re having a dental crisis, don’t delay! Call us now at 228-220-2117. We’ll try to see you the same day if possible for an emergency appointment. We’re conveniently located on Popp’s Ferry Road not far from the intersection of I-10 and I-110.

Our Expert Team Can Handle Any Type of Dental Emergency

Stats Image 1 in 5 people will have dental trauma during their lifetime. Source.
Our dentists have many years of experience helping patients with all sorts of dental disasters. We’ve seen it all over the years. No matter what type of emergency you bring to us, we can help. Plus, we’ll offer you a choice of sedation options to help you relax – either laughing gas or oral sedation with a pill.

Below are some common dental emergencies:

  • Toothache – A toothache could be from a cavity or from something worse like an infected tooth. We’ll determine the cause and make treatment recommendations.
  • Broken Tooth – Be sure to bring all the broken pieces with you to your appointment. We can often restore your tooth with a dental crown.
  • Loose Tooth – Try not to move the tooth too much. We’ll try to work it back into place once you arrive at our office.
  • Soft Tissue Injury – Use gauze or a moist tea bag to stop any bleeding. If the bleeding doesn’t stop in a few minutes, go to the nearest emergency room or urgent treatment center.
  • Broken Dental Appliance – We’ll repair your crown, bridge, or other appliance so you can get back to your routine.

Come to Back Bay Family Dentistry for all your dental emergencies in D’Iberville. Call us now at 228-220-2117. You can also request an appointment online for non-emergency needs.

Common Questions About Dental Emergencies

Can you help with my dental emergency?

Yes, we certainly can! Call us now for any dental emergencies, and we will get you into the office as soon as possible to get you the fast help you need to feel better soon and save your smile. In many cases, this means we’ll see you the same day.

What can you do for my dental emergency?

When you see us for an emergency, one of our first goals will be to get you out of pain. We will determine the cause of the emergency and work to alleviate any pain as soon as possible. In addition, we have two fantastic sedation options to help calm any anxious nerves you may be experiencing. Your comfort is our top concern.

What are some common dental emergencies?

Common dental emergencies include toothaches caused by cavities or infection, cracked or broken teeth, and broken dental restorations. With our team’s years in practice, we have significant experience in handling all these situations. We will relieve your discomfort and restore your mouth to health with restorative treatments.

Can I prevent dental emergencies?

No one can anticipate every possible dental emergency, but you can take steps to reduce your odds of having such a problem. Following ADA recommendations – brushing and flossing daily and getting regular dental cleanings – reduces your risk of tooth infections and gum disease. Plus, wearing athletic mouthguards during sports can protect your teeth from injuries.

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