6 Reasons That May Make You A Good Candidate for Sedation Dentistry

At Back Bay Family Dentistry, we care about your comfort just as much as we care about the quality of dental treatment you receive. This is why we provide sedation dentistry services to patients who may find it difficult to sit through a dental procedure. With this your dental appointments are made stress-free and painless. […]

Why Are People Considering Getting Dentures

Why Are People Considering Getting Dentures?

It was earlier believed that getting dentures was an inevitable part of aging. Many people did not expect to celebrate their senior years with a full set of natural teeth. Thankfully things have changed dramatically and people no longer assume they need to have dentures by the time they retire. Despite the changes that have […]

All You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

Dental problems are annoying for everyone. Your smile is one of the most attractive features. These dental problems can be deadly for your look. The majority of the dental problems have a common solution called the dental crown procedure. The procedure has a lot to discover. The article covers everything you need to know. Dental […]

Dental Crowns Are Suitable In a Variety of Situations

Placements that are cemented to partially or completely cover the visible portion of a tooth is known as a dental crown. Porcelain veneers are also known as partial crowns that only cover the front and the biting edge of the teeth. Dental crowns will be suitable for you if you are victimized by various situations […]

What To Expect At Your Child’s First Dental Visit

The health of a child matters a lot to parents. In the early stages of childhood, a small infection can quickly deteriorate the health of a child. It is why regular visits to a pediatric clinic matter in the first few years of raising a child. When it comes to health, oral care cannot be […]


Why do doctors advise you to have ice-cream after a tooth extraction?

Teeth can be a great concern when something is not going right. Today, people have increased their knowledge of oral health. More people are visiting the dentists’ offices today to check the condition of their teeth. Ideally, teeth are supposed to last you a lifetime. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen the way you would want […]

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