Teeth Whitening after Root Canal Treatment: Is It Possible?

Feb 01, 2021

Endodontic treatment, also called root canal treatment, helps treat the infected nerve of the tooth. Injured or infected nerves die, resulting in dental abscesses, severe toothaches, tooth sensitivity, and discoloration of the tooth. If you have undergone root canal therapy recently, you may think you need a smile makeover and begin searching for teeth whitening […]

New Year with Dental Dentures & Beautiful Smiles

New Year with Dental Dentures & Beautiful Smiles

Jan 01, 2021

As 2021 is coming, we can all seem to be ahead to the pleasure of a New Year. The New Year may be a time for renewal and improvement, which is why it’s additionally important to take care of your smile. If you have been hiding your smile for photographs or public events because of […]

Tooth Extraction Procedure and Aftercare Tips

Dec 01, 2020

Tooth extraction is the complete removal of a tooth from the jaw by a dentist. There are several reasons why you may have the procedure done, such as: Crowded Mouth – A tooth extraction can be performed when your dentist wants to make some space in your mouth for orthodontia, which involves aligning the teeth […]

Dental Veneers Can Boost Your Smile and Confidence: Learn How from This Article

Nov 01, 2020

Your teeth are subjected to significant stress during your life. The pressure may leave your teeth with chips from biting issues or trauma. They may shift in your mouth to have a deceptive appearance. Stains may develop on your teeth from medications, tobacco, foods, and beverages. The cosmetic issues dent your confidence and make you […]

Popular Restorative Dentistry Procedures Sought by People

Oct 21, 2020

A famous division of dentistry focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of the teeth and gums and the appearance of the teeth is restorative dentistry. Some procedures of restorative dentistry are similar to the processes of cosmetic dentistry. However, restorative dentists provide many treatments that cosmetic dentists do not. The treatments not provided by cosmetic […]

What Dental Bonding Entails

Sep 01, 2020

Do you have chipped, cracked, gapped, or stained teeth? Dental bonding can restore your teeth natural look and enhance your bite. What Is Teeth Bonding? Tooth bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure in which a dentist applies tooth-colored composite resin, hardens it, sculpts it to the desired shape, and polishes it. The reason why it […]

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