The Miracles of Bone Grafting

A Dental Implant is a surgical process where the jaw bone interfaces with additional support like a crown or bridge to give an artificial tooth in the place of a missing tooth. It involves two pieces. A metal cylindrical object that is placed in the bone as a root to the bone and an Abutment […]

Why Shouldn’t Parents Delay Their Baby’s First Dental Visit?

It has been observed many times that children who are accustomed of brushing and cleaning their teeth regularly can save themselves from chronic dental pains. Dental hygiene from early ages helps in protecting your child from tooth decay and other dental diseases. Parents are generally advised to initiate the dental visit for their little one, […]

Benefits of Single-Tooth Dental Implants

It is said that almost everyone loses at least one adult tooth by the time they age. Most people believe that it is only a cosmetic issue, but failing to replace the missing or extracted teeth can lead to several issues, explains the dentist near Gulfport. For people who have already lost the tooth or […]

Preventative Dentistry tips for At home care

Do not wish to visit the dentist? Take care of your teeth and gums at home! Preventative Dentistry means taking care of your teeth and gums at your home which involves a series of daily care routine. The Back Bay Family Dentistry also helps in maintaining healthy daily dental care routines at home. Here are […]

Can My Dentures Be Permanently Placed in My Mouth?

When you think of dentures, all you get reminded is of the false teeth. The conventional dentures are made of gum-colored base, which is attached to artificial pearly whites made of porcelain or acrylic resin. You need to remove them in the evening and also take extra care to clean them. If they fit well, […]

Dental advice for over 60’s

While good dental habits are encouraged throughout your life, it becomes much more important after your 60s. This is mainly due to like other organs, and parts of your body become weaker and degenerate with age. Here are some dental advice for seniors over 60s Maintaining your teeth and gums as you get older Prevention […]

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