Is your kid involved in sports? If so, you’ve probably thought about getting them a mouthguard to protect those pearly whites out on the field or court. Smart thinking! But before you run out and grab a boil-and-bite guard from the sporting goods store, hear us out on why a custom mouthguard from the dentist is SO worth it.

We know, we know, the dentist seems like overkill when the drugstore guards are just a few bucks. And you may be thinking, “my kid is only 8, they don’t need some hardcore specialist mouthguard.” But a custom sports mouthguard is a real game changer and here’s why:

  • It fits perfectly to your child’s mouth based on impressions of their teeth. So it stays in place and doesn’t interfere with talking and breathing like the one-size-fits-all kinds.
  • The materials are higher quality and more shock-absorbing. That means better protection for teeth, gums and lips when the hits come during competition. No more busted lips!
  • Custom guards are thinner and lower profile. Kids complain WAY less about having to wear them during play.
  • Because they fit so precisely, custom guards don’t get chewed on or mouthed as much during gameplay. That means they last longer, and you don’t need to replace them each season.
  • Special designs and colors make your kid feel like a rockstar instead of a dental patient. 

Everyone wants to save money. We understand that the upfront cost of a custom mouthguard seems high when the drugstore versions are so cheap. But trust us, a custom guard is an investment that pays off over time. We can advise you on materials to fit your budget. Protect your loved ones’ precious smiles – ask us about athletic mouthguards today.

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