5 Tips for New Denture Wearers

Feb 27, 2018

It’s no secret that an important part of our self-confidence comes from our appearance, and one feature that plays a pivotal role in this is our smile. What if we’re unhappy with our teeth? One of the most effective ways to boost your confidence in this aspect is the use of dentures. Dentures are not just for those advanced in age either! Used correctly, dentures can improve your speech, appearance, and overall health. Continue reading for five tips for those of us that are new to the denture-wearing world.

1. Avoid the hard-to-eat foods.

Such as with most dental procedures, new precautions have to be taken to preserve the longevity of your new dentures. Notably hard or sticky food that could get stuck or discolor your new “teeth” should be avoided, such as nuts or certain candy.

2. Eliminate bacteria and plaque.

Eliminating bacteria can be quickly done, but doing it every day is very important for your overall health. Brushing your teeth, gums, tongue, and cheeks before inserting your dentures is imperative to avoid infection risks.

3. Don’t stop brushing.

Although they aren’t your real teeth, that does not mean you should stop treating them as such. Dentures are susceptible to bacteria, tartar, and plaque. To avoid these, brush with a soft bristle brush, toothpaste and/or mild hand soap avoiding bleaching agents.

4. Soak them.

This may be one of the most important tips, as soaking removes food, bacteria, and plaque that you would otherwise want in your mouth. The use of a non-abrasive denture cleaner and the instruction that come along with it are key to keep your dentures fresh and new.

5. Don’t stop having regular check-ups.

Continue visiting your dentist to ensure the fit and quality of your dentures.

Your new “teeth” open up a whole new world you didn’t imagine possible! Talk to your dentist about denture options today.