6 Reasons That May Make You A Good Candidate for Sedation Dentistry

Mar 01, 2020
At Back Bay Family Dentistry, we care about your comfort just as much as we care about the quality of dental treatment you receive. This is why we provide sedation dentistry services to patients who may find it difficult to sit through a dental procedure. With this your dental appointments are made stress-free and painless. You can consider yourself a candidate for sedation dentistry if;

Dental Visits Make You Extremely Anxious

It is estimated that more than 20% of adults in the US avoid getting dental care simply because they have dental phobia. If the thought of a dentist makes you terrified or causes you to panic, it may become difficult for you to seek proper dental treatment. Dental sedation is a good option for you since it will help you relax and allow for a dental procedure to be performed. If you are interested to find out what options you have in sedation dentistry, visit our clinic and Dr. Jeremy Parker will walk you through all the details you need to know.

You Have A History of a Traumatic Dental Experience

A bad dental experience makes some patients associate the dental clinic with negative emotions. This makes it difficult for such patients to remain calm at the sight, smell or even sound related to dental offices. There is always the fear that the traumatic incident may repeat itself and this makes some individuals completely shy away from getting proper dental treatment. Using the various types of sedation, your dentist will manage past mental scars and even prevent more trauma by making it possible for you to relax through a procedure.

You Are Undergoing Extensive Dental Work

For long or invasive procedures, sedation may be administered to help manage the pain and also allow more work be done at a single session. This may include procedures like root canal treatment or having a tooth extracted. It can be uncomfortable sitting still with your mouth open for an hour or longer. Your dentist may suggest sedation be used to allow the work be done more quickly and efficiently and you remain relaxed and comfortable.

You Have Extremely Sensitive Teeth

Pain is a great deal of concern for most people visiting the dentist. However, the threshold of pain one can comfortably withstand varies from patient to patient. People with sensitive teeth or gums tend to have a low pain threshold which can interfere with dental procedures. During your consultation at our clinic, bring this up with the dentist so that your candidacy for oral sedation dentistry or any other type of sedation can be evaluated.

You Have A Strong Gag Reflex

Dental check-ups and procedures can be distressing and uncomfortable if you have sensitive gag reflex. The condition gives you an urge to choke or sputter whenever anything is place in the mouth. Sedation dentistry will however render powerless the gagging response and this will minimize risk of a complication during dental treatment. Depending on your situation, your dentist may recommend oral sedatives, nitrous oxide or intravenous sedation.

You Have Difficulty Staying Still

Some conditions make it difficult for some individuals to sit still and this can make dental procedures very uncomfortable. For instances, people with Restless Leg Syndrome will constantly move their legs which can make it difficult and even dangerous to carry out dental work. Some forms of disabilities also make it stressful or even impossible for patients to sit in one position for long. To reduce fidgeting and these constant movements, sedation is used to calm the patients.

Are you curious to learn more about sedation dentistry near D’Iberville, MS? Book an appointment with us today and our qualified team will evaluate your candidacy for sedation to ensure you get the best possible dental treatment. This is an efficient way of ensuring that all patients get access to proper dental care without fear, discomfort or risk on injury. We are open 5 days a week and you can also reach us via call or email.