Dental advice for over 60’s

While good dental habits are encouraged throughout your life, it becomes much more important after your 60s. This is mainly due to like other organs, and parts of your body become weaker and degenerate with age. Here are some dental advice for seniors over 60s Maintaining your teeth and gums as you get older Prevention […]

Understanding the 5 stages of tooth decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of tooth pain. It’s easy to manage and treat with advancement in dentistry. Tooth decay can be reversed if it’s diagnosed in the early stages. Maintaining proper oral care routine and visiting the dental professional for regular checkups can help in combating tooth decay. Stage One: […]

How to prevent morning breath

Morning breath can be an unpleasant experience. No one likes to wake up with a dry mouth, sticky tongue, and foul breath. It can cause quite a lot of embarrassment with your spouse or your partner. Although morning breath is a common issue and can be easily prevented. Causes of Morning Breath Morning breath is […]

Know Your Health by Your Teeth

Research has shown that taking care of your teeth can help in saving your life. Your dental health is a reflection of your overall health. It acts as a caution against major diseases which means you can take your first step towards saving your life. The bacteria present in teeth and unhealthy gums can cause […]

Smoking and Gum Disease: What’s the Connection?

Smoking is harmful for you, and that is not something new to learn. Even an avoid smoker knows that smoking leads to slow death. Every puff of your cigarette is equal to poison for your body. Apart from causing cancer, smoking can cause different kinds of physical complications. When it comes to oral health of […]

Recovery Following A Tooth Extraction

In dentistry, the main aim of any dentist is to protect the teeth from extraction as long as possible but when the damage is beyond repair, the extraction may turn out to be the best solution. Extraction is not painful as you are under anaesthetic but you need to take care of the area once […]