With spring on the way, you’ll likely spend more time outdoors being active. That’s the case with most people, in fact, which is why we often see an uptick in dental injuries this time of year. If you take a tumble that results in a broken tooth or some other damage, we can fix it faster than most dentists thanks to our modern dental crowns in D’Iberville, MS!

Normally, you might go two weeks or more with a temporary restoration waiting for an outside lab to create your permanent crown. That would involve follow-up visits and costs.

Dr. Parker, on the other hand, has invested in advanced technology that allows us to create permanent restorations right here in our office, and in many cases, while you wait. 

So as the season turns, keep in mind that your friends at Back Bay Family Dentistry are not only here to treat your dental emergencies, but we can fix urgent issues like a cracked or broken tooth faster so you can keep on smiling!

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