Can a Sedation Dentist Soothe Your Dental Fears?

Oct 15, 2018

We know why you’re avoiding the dentist. You’re not the first full-fledged adult to be afraid of the dentist and you won’t be the last. Dentophobia is a real thing, affecting many adults who suffer from a genuine fear of the dentist. Why are people so afraid of the dentist? Why will they withstand tooth pain, forego years of cleaning or live with a crooked smile? Everyone has their own individual reason but here are a few common ones.

  • You can’t moveIt’s true, someone else’s hands and dental equipment are in your mouth and you need to sit still. For those with any previous trauma or past physical trauma, being in a position where you are restrained or need to lie still can evoke anxiety.
  • You can’t speakYou can’t communicate easily when someone is drilling your tooth.
  • The noises and lights are scaryThe drilling sound and bright lights can feel intimidating, especially when they are at such close range.
  • You can’t see what’s happeningYour mouth is open, but everything is happening inside it, so you can’t tell what the dentist is doing and when.
  • It’s uncomfortableEven with numbing agents and drains to keep you from drooling, it can still be hard to keep your mouth open and you may also feel pressure on your teeth and gums as the work is done even if not the pain.

So how can you combat the discomfort and anxiety associated with a trip to the dentist?

You may want to consider a sedation dentist to help soothe your dental fears. A sedation dentist will use mild and effective sedatives during your treatment, allowing you to feel relaxed and calm during procedures. Many of these sedatives will wear off quickly and leave no lasting effects. Be treated by a sedation dentist may be your answer to getting the dental care you need, without the discomfort and anxiety you don’t.