Dr. Parker Relieves Tooth Pain with D’Iberville Root Canals

Nov 15, 2018

Have you recently been experiencing a severe toothache? Notice your tooth seems to be darker? You may be in need of a root canal treatment! At Back Bay Family Dentistry we are proud to offer root canals in D’Iberville, MS for our patients that are suffering from an infected, decayed or even damaged tooth root.

Isn’t there another way?

While there are other ways to address a severely decayed, infected or damaged tooth root, more often than not a root canal is the best option. While teeth can be extracted and replaced with a prosthetic, there are plenty of complications associated with removing a tooth. When possible, it is always best to preserve and keep a natural tooth.

Why is a root canal considered a conservative treatment option?

A root canal is considered a “conservative treatment option” due to the fact is preserves your natural tooth, eliminating the need for a prosthetic after extraction. Extracting teeth can lead to bone loss, loose teeth, tooth misalignment, and even additional tooth loss.

Why do I need a root canal?

Patients that require root canal treatment typically neglected to properly care for their smile, leading to infected, decayed or even damaged root canals. Left untreated, problematic tooth roots can actually die or even lead to serious infections.

What happens during a root canal in D’Iberville?

During root canal treatment at Back Bay Family Dentistry, we will first make sure that the tooth and area are completely numbed, making treatment as comfortable as possible. Next, your dentist will create a tiny hole in the affected tooth, allowing them to access the compromised tooth root and pulp. Any decay, infection, and bacteria will be thoroughly removed from the affected tooth root, it will be gently cleaned, disinfected and then sealed.

Following a root canal, we recommend dental crown treatment, this can improve the appearance, function, health and even strength of your affected tooth.

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