How Dentures Completely Change Your Smile in Old Age

Jan 01, 2022

Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. In their old age, most people may have already lost several teeth. Others may have dental health problems that weaken their natural teeth. These older people are negatively affected by the state of their teeth. Here is how a denture dentist near them can completely change their smiles using dentures.

Dentures for a Smile Makeover

Individuals with missing teeth who want a smile makeover can consider dentures. Dentures are convenient and functional. With modern technology, they can be made to appear like natural teeth. You can opt for a partial or complete denture. Partial dentures replace some missing teeth, while full dentures replace all the upper or lower jaw teeth.

Your set of dentures can be either removable or fixed. Removable dentures are removed for cleaning and while sleeping. Your smile makeover with dentures may involve dentures implant in Diberville. Dental implants are fused into the jawbone and used to anchor dentures in the mouth. These dentures are firm and function better than removable ones.

Can Dentures Change My Smile in Old Age?

Below are some ways that dentures can completely transform your smile in old age.

  1. Your face becomes droopy sometime after losing teeth, making you appear even older. The Denture dentist near you can fit you with a set of dentures that transforms your smile by making you appear younger.
  2. Lack of teeth or having severely damaged teeth affects your smile by making you self-conscious and shy. Restoring your teeth with dentures will boost your self-esteem and have you smiling confidently.
  3. After losing teeth, bone loss can have you looking older as your face sags and becomes droopy. Dentures with implants can slow or stop the bone loss process. They also give you a younger look and rejuvenate your smile.
  4. Your teeth may be worn, discolored, or even damaged beyond repair. Instead of hiding your teeth whenever you smile, you can acquire dentures. These appliances are custom-made to appear like your natural teeth. They transform your smile by giving you whiter, well-aligned, and beautiful prosthetics.
  5. Dentures make eating easier compared to when you are missing teeth. A well-nourished person appears healthier and is happier. So, dentures completely transform your smile by making it possible to chew well and eat a balanced diet.

Durability of Dentures

Dentists in Ocean Springs, MS, generally agree that dentures last for about 5-15 years. after this period they need replacement or repair. But, of course, some people have their dentures lasting longer. It happens when you maintain proper oral hygiene and attend routine dental checkups. Also, caring for your dentures properly to avoid them breaking will have them last longer.

However, despite the best efforts, your dentures may require to be replaced sooner than you think. This is because biological changes in your body may cause your gums to shrink and your jawbone to change shape. When this happens, your denture will become uncomfortable and irritate your gums. They will therefore require changing or repairing by an emergency dentist in Diberville.

Dentures are designed from either ceramic or acrylic materials. The strength of the material used determines how long the dentures will last. The longevity of dentures is also determined by what type of denture you have. For instance, partial dentures last longer than complete dentures. Immediate or temporary dentures last for only a few months or until the custom-made dentures are ready.

Can You Extend the Lifespan of Your Dentures?

These are ways to ensure your dentures have a longer lifespan:

  • Repairing

The lifespan of your prosthetics can be lengthened through repairing them. For example, your dentist may reline or reshape the underside of your denture for a more comfortable fit on your gums. If the base material of the denture cannot be reshaped, the dentist will do rebasing. It involves replacing the base material of your denture to make it more stable and fit better.

  • Soaking

Soaking dentures in warm water or a denture-soaking solution overnight keep them from warping and losing their shape.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning the dentures frequently to remove food and plaque build-up will prevent them from staining.

If you require to be fitted with a new set of perfectly fitting and natural-looking dentures, contact us at Back Bay Family Dentistry. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Jeremy W. Parker, will provide you with dentures to give you a youthful appearance and a transformed smile.