Impact of Oral Health Care in Everyday Life

May 01, 2020

Your dental health is very important in your life, even if you may not acknowledge it. The health of your entire oral cavity plays a significant role in the quality of life you lead. Your general body health is partly linked to your dental health without oral care practices, it is difficult to attain body health. To understand this further, we dig into the connection between your oral health and your overall body health. This way, you will also understand why Jeremy W. Parker recommends having a family dentist for you and your family.

What is The Connection Between Oral Health and Body Health?

At Back Bay Family Dentistry, we let our patients understand the importance of oral care, relative to their overall body health. The number one aspect that links your dental health to that of your body is that your mouth is part of the body. Even though the oral cavity is a whole entity on its own, it exists within the functioning of your body. Therefore, if your oral cavity is diseased, then the effects will translate to your overall body.

Next to that is the fact that your mouth is the channel to the inside of your body. Oral dentistry focuses a lot on managing and regulating the type of bacteria in the mouth, with the understanding that they can quickly transfer into other parts of the body. Ideally, your mouth is the gateway to things that get to your digestive system, as well as the respiratory tracts. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that your mouth is not presenting harmful bacteria to other parts of your mouth. This also explains why the tonsils are the first line of our body’s immune system. They help protect the rest of your body from the infections that crop up from the mouth.

Other than that, your mouth can be used to diagnose the health problems in the rest of your body. A dentist in family dentistry will tell you that they do this more often than not. Patients without a dental problem can still get a diagnosis of their body health. In the same breath, the health of your body can affect that of your oral cavity. It is why you need to strike a balance between your healthcare efforts, both for your body and for your oral cavity.

Health Conditions Linked to Poor Oral Health

Now that you understand the connection between your mouth and the rest of your body, it is important to evaluate the impacts of this relationship. If you do not care for your oral cavity properly, you allow the bacteria that live in your mouth to become harmful. The problem with this is that they will make their way into the rest of your body, posing other health risks. Remember, even though you are not eating anything, the saliva in your mouth may still transport the harmful bacteria to the rest of your system.

When bacteria get to the rest of the body, there is no telling what how far it goes. Bearing that in mind, here are a couple of body health problems that result from neglected oral health:

  • Pneumonia – This is a life-threatening condition that can sometimes be linked to the mouth. It happens when the bacteria in your mouth make their way into your lungs. Other than pneumonia, you stand the risk of other respiratory problems.
  • Pregnancy complications – it is difficult to visualize poor oral health as affecting pregnancy. However, gum disease has been linked to premature pregnancies, not to mention, low birth weights.
  • Endocarditis – is an infection of the heart. It is characterized by infected linings of your heart chambers. This happens when the infection comes from different parts of the body gets to the valves of your heart. This bacterium can come from your mouth and travel through your bloodstream to the different parts of your heart.

How Oral Health Positively Impacts Your Body Health

If you determine to keep up with excellent oral health, there is no doubt that the quality of your life will be boosted. For one, you exude more confidence when your teeth are clean, white and healthy. Other than that, the nutritional benefits linked to proper oral care will impact your overall health. You no longer have to fight diseases in your mouth or body, as long as you keep up with proper oral health.