Smoking and Gum Disease: What’s the Connection?

Apr 16, 2019

Smoking is harmful for you, and that is not something new to learn. Even an avoid smoker knows that smoking leads to slow death. Every puff of your cigarette is equal to poison for your body. Apart from causing cancer, smoking can cause different kinds of physical complications. When it comes to oral health of a person, smoking can damage your teeth condition and cause different kinds of oral complications. From oral cancer to gum disease, smoking is harmful for many reasons. This is why experts at Back Bay Family Dentistry warn people of smoking. In fact, they suggest people to quit smoking for retaining better oral health condition.

Oral Health Complications Due to Smoking

Your oral health can face a lot of complicated issues due to your habit of frequent tobacco smoking. So, what could be the possible consequences of smoking? How can it affect your oral health? Answers to these questions shall be discussed in the following section.

  • Tartar and plaque buildup are the common aftermaths of smoking. As a result, risk of facing gum infection gets higher.
  • Smoking enhances the risk of facing oral cancer. According to studies or surveys, most of the oral cancer victims are smokers.
  • Smoking also increasing bone loss in the jaw region. Due to this reason, your teeth can become fragile. Tooth decaying also happens at rapid speed.

Enhanced Risk of Gum Disease

Now, the question is how smoking leads to occurrence of gum infection? Typically, gum infection is caused due to high percentage of acidic substance in mouth. Such condition is ideal for plaque buildup, as bacteria fee free to grown in numbers. Smoking enhances acidity level inside mouth. This is the reason why plaque buildup happens rapidly.

Advice for Smokers

Smoking will eventually cause damages to your teeth. You need to avoid smoking as much as you can. You can lower down the number of cigarettes that you smoke. You can also choose to quit smoking permanently.

At Back Bay Family Dentistry, professional dentists advise the smokers to undergo frequent dental checkups so that plaque buildup can be diagnosed at early stage. It will prevent gum infection.