Teeth Whitening after Root Canal Treatment: Is It Possible?

Feb 01, 2021

Endodontic treatment, also called root canal treatment, helps treat the infected nerve of the tooth. Injured or infected nerves die, resulting in dental abscesses, severe toothaches, tooth sensitivity, and discoloration of the tooth. If you have undergone root canal therapy recently, you may think you need a smile makeover and begin searching for teeth whitening tips to have brighter and whiter teeth.

What Is the Reason for Tooth Discoloration after RCT?

Many factors can discolor the teeth after undergoing root canal treatment, but not all procedures result in discoloration. However, if the pulp tissue is left within the tooth, you may experience discoloration from the decomposition of the leftover pulp. It is not challenging to overlook the pulp in the tooth because parts of it are located in the pulp horns, similar to any tunnels dividing away from the tooth’s Center.

Leftover filling materials can also result in staining of the tooth beside any medications recommended. However, the most common reason for the discoloration is caused by the dead dentin remaining within the tooth.

Are Root Canal Treatments Necessary?

Root canal treatments help to remove the infected and damaged pulp preventing extraction of the tooth. After the canals are disinfected, a specific root filling helps restore the tooth to its former state. The tooth can maintain functionality for many years, depending on whether it can support a new crown or filling. Your tooth may have many roots, in which case the dentists in D’lberville, MS, will attempt to preserve as many roots as possible. However, you may need additional treatments.

Treatment for Discolored Tooth

After removing the pulp from the tooth during root canal treatment, the potential of the dentin darkening over time remains. However, there are options available for you to consider teeth whitening near me for the discolored tooth. You can use solutions offered by black Bay family dentistry to have the tooth whitened if you wish to achieve your goal of having a smile makeover.

How Do Dentists Whiten the Discolored Tooth

Dr. Jeremy W Parker uses a procedure called internal whitening, which involves placing a bleaching agent into the pulp chamber within the tooth. As the enclosure no longer houses the pulp, the bleaching agent fills up the hollow gaps and helps to prevent the tooth from discoloring.

The whitening procedure is entirely safe and effective. The dentist first applies the bleaching agent and, after that, covers it with a cotton pellet. To prevent leakage, sealing of the tooth is necessary.

Another useful option is to have a dental crown to encase the tooth or a veneer to cover the surface. The crown strengthens the tooth’s structure after wrapping it as they are made from porcelain or metal. Dentists usually recommend having a dental crown placed over the treated tooth because the restorations are not susceptible to staining.

As mentioned earlier, if the dentist leftover some pulp in the tooth during the root canal procedure, discoloration chances are high. Your tooth may have discolored because of medications or even filling materials or the dead dentin remaining in the tooth. Whatever the reason, a solution is available to whiten the injured tooth. All that is required on your part is to search for a dental professional providing appropriate treatment to whiten teeth even after undergoing root canal treatment.

Teeth whitening treatments are incredibly popular which many people are seeking to display brighter and whiter smiles. People can achieve the desired results when they approached dentists with perfectly healthy teeth not affected by any issues like you are doing. However, they may not achieve optimal results if they have an infected tooth that was treated with root canal treatments. It is why the ADA recommends teeth whitening treatments are best provided by qualified dentists and not any other professionals.

Coming to your question about whether teeth whitening after a root canal is possible, we can confirm you can have your teeth whitened after this procedure. However, it would be best to visit the dentist mentioned earlier who understands how the treated tooth can be whitened using internal whitening instead of merely bleaching all your teeth. If you see a specialist with adequate knowledge of treating teeth that have undergone root canal treatments, you will succeed in your goal of getting teeth whitened effortlessly.