When you or someone you love suffers from an unexpected dental problem, acting quickly can mean the difference between saving a tooth or spending lots of time and money on costly restorative treatments. That’s why we want our patients to find urgent dental care in D’Iberville, MS when seconds matter!

Check out today’s video to hear from one mom who was able to arrange an emergency appointment for her daughter after a trampoline mishap threatened her tooth

Thanks to her fast-acting friends at Back Bay Family Dentistry, not only was Dr. Parker able to save her daughter’s knocked-out tooth, but Cyndi saved money and stress by reaching out to us for help right away and getting the injury taken care of when time was of the essence.

This spring, as your family becomes more active, know that you have a team that makes your needs a priority when accidents happen! Call us at 228-220-2117 for urgent dental care in D’Iberville, MS. You can also make an appointment online.