Sports Dentistry

Sports Dentistry

At Back Bay Family Dentistry, we believe prevention is an essential part of protecting your smile. When it comes to sports related injuries, the majority of them could have been avoided when wearing a proper, custom-fit sports mouthguard. Interested in a dental mouthguard in D’Iberville, MS? Contact us today!

Sports Dentistry D’Iberville, MS

At Back Bay Family Dentistry in D’Iberville we believe prevention is the best treatment for oral health and we treat sports dentistry no differently. Many adults, teens and children are involved in athletic and sports related activities. While activity is great for our overall health, sports injuries sometimes occur.

In order to prevent sports related dental injuries, we recommend everyone schedule a pre-season dental screening. We can check your overall oral health for things like loose or damaged teeth, cavities, loose fillings, etc. Treatment can be done before the season begins to ensure the structural integrity of your teeth.

D’Iberville Custom-Fit Mouthguards

In need of a dental mouthguard for sports? At Back Bay Family Dentistry, we also recommend any of our patients involved in sports related activities protect themselves with a custom mouthguard. During your appointment we can examine and discuss your specific need and type of athletic mouthguard best for you. Back Bay can create a customized mouthguard for your specific needs. Wearing a mouthguard during sport activities can help reduce the risk of traumatic dental injury and tooth loss.

Think you or a loved one need a sports mouthguard? If you or your child participates in sporting activities, contact the experts at Back Bay Family Dentistry today; we look forward to helping protect your smile!