What Causes Cavities?

Nov 14, 2017

We all hope to breeze through our six-month check-up and dental cleaning without a cavity, but not everyone is so lucky. When found quickly and filled in by your dentist in a timely fashion, small cavities can be prevented from turning into painful and expensive issues. But what exactly are cavities and what causes them?

Cavity Causes

A cavity is caused when tiny holes form on the enamel of our teeth. This normally hard outer layer can get these small holes through chipped teeth or from not properly caring for your teeth. Plaque is formed from carbohydrates of any type from pure candy to bread. Plaque can begin forming, which will grip the teeth and cause more tiny holes. If this tiny hole in the enamel is not taken care of, however, it can start getting larger and turn into a tooth cavity.

In addition to plaque, other harmful behaviors can have adverse effects on your teeth. Snacking and sipping on soda throughout the day is constantly creating cavity causing conditions in your mouth. Brushing and flossing after each meal and not nibbling throughout the day is helpful for creating a healthier environment in your mouth.


Cavities can easily be prevented! Following a dentist approved dental hygiene regimen including brushing, flossing and rinsing is key. Further cavity prevention can be discussed with your dentist and can include scheduling a deep clean, fluoride treatment or perhaps dental sealants.

In addition to the expected dental standards, it really does help to avoid sugary foods and drinks. It is important to not only think of your dental health but your overall health. Generally speaking, unhealthy foods are also prime culprits for causing cavities. Eliminate the candy, cake, chocolate, and other goodies to keep your teeth in great shape and get healthier!